Call for abstracts-closed


Our philosophy is to achieve a balance of different contexts, topics and purposes of psychedelics and their use; we would therefore like to encourage you to submit more abstracts in different areas. We also want to make it explicit that we are more than happy to address issues that are not commonly talked about, so abstracts on less conventional topics are welcome.

We also welcome abstracts from people who are not involved directly in work with psychedelics but are experts in some areas where those substances may be involved – such as drug policy, harm reduction, mental health, creativity, the study of consciousness, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, spirituality and religion, ecology, recreational use, personal growth, physics, etc. 

The user’s perspective is more than welcomed as well, whether you have recovered from an illness through the use of psychedelics, or you are a recreational user or dedicated psychonaut and feel you would like to say something, please don´t hesitate to submit an abstract!

And finally, we would especially like to encourage women to help us with the gender balance!

The deadline for abstract submission is 21th June 2016.