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Press release 30. 8. 2016

Leading Experts on Psychedelics Headed to Prague

Beginning on September 30th and lasting until October 2nd, Prague will be hosting an international conference on psychedelic substances called Beyond Psychedelics. During this three-day event, the participants will be discussing not only the findings of the most recent scientific research and the use of psychedelics in therapy, but also the current legislation and the potential of psychedelics in various cultural contexts. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for establishing international cooperation between experts, and the accompanying programme will also present selected topics to the general public.

Psychoactive substances are an integral part of human society. They have an important position in traditional medicine as well as modern medical research and have been used in sacred rituals and for therapeutic as well as recreational purposes since time immemorial. At the end of the 1960s, psychedelics were condemned by the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community and were labelled as dangerous drugs with no potential benefit. Thanks to the tireless efforts of researchers who were determined to study these controlled and controversial substances more thoroughly, the role of psychedelics in society is now changing, with more and more studies suggesting a broad range of potential benefits.

At the Beyond Psychedelics conference, which will take place in autumn 2016 in Prague, experts from various fields will come together to discuss the use of psychedelics in the context of therapy, culture and environment.

Confirmed Speakers:
Rick Doblin – Founder of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic studies (MAPS). He is convinced that MDMA will be legally available for therapy by 2020.
Amanda Feilding – The founder and director of the Beckley Foundation, an organization focusing on the support and development of psychedelic research.
Dennis McKenna – Director of Ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute and a psilocybin research specialist.
Robin Carhart Harris – London-based researcher who took part in the pioneering imaging study of the human brain on LSD, which was all over the the global media.
Friederike Meckel Fischer, M.D. – Psychiatrist and therapist, who administered psychedelics to her clients in controlled psychotherapy for over ten years.

Prof. MUDr. Jiří Horáček, Ph.D. – Prominent researcher at the Czech National Institute of Mental Health, psychiatrist and lecturer, who is interested, among other things, in the therapeutic use of ketamine.
MUDr. Tomáš Páleníček, Ph.D. – Psychiatrist and lecturer, studying the therapeutic potential of cannabis, psilocybin and ketamine at the Czech National Institute of Mental Health.
PhDr. Petr Winkler, Ph.D. – Head of Social Psychiatry at the Czech National Institute of Mental Health. His research interests include the history of psychedelic research in the former Czechoslovakia, psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry and mental health economics.

Mgr. et Mgr. Miroslav Horák, Ph.D. – Cultural anthropologist, head of the Institute of Cultural and Linguistic studies at the Mendel University in Brno. Expert on ayahuasca use in the Czech Republic and its utilization in addiction treatment.

Mgr. Jindřich Vobořil, Pg.Dip. – Czech National Drug Coordinator and a leading expert on the drug issue in the Czech Republic.

… and many more! You can find a complete list of speakers here.
Beyond Psychedelics 2016

Dates: 30 September – 2 October 2016
Venue address: Papírenská 199/6, Prague, Czech Republic
Tickets: 4 557 Kč / students 2 658 Kč
Tickets can be bought here.
The conference will be held in English. For more information about the accompanying programme, please visit and BP’s Facebook page
Prague Psychedelic Week 2016 

Prague Psychedelic Week 2016, 28. 9. 2016 – 5. 10. 2016, will introduce the topic of psychedelics in various contexts. The programme complements this year’s professional conference Beyond Psychedelics 2016 and brings up a series of lectures, workshops and discussions open to wider public.

27. 9. 2016 | 18:00 – 20:00 | Neurons to Nirvana 

Through interviews with leading psychologists and scientists, Neurons to Nirvana explores the history of four powerful psychedelic substances (LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA and Ayahuasca) and their previously established medicinal potential. Strictly focusing on the science and medicinal properties of these drugs, Neurons to Nirvana looks into why our society has created such a social and political bias against even allowing research to continue the exploration of any possible positive effects they can present in treating some of today’s most challenging afflictions. The film features interviews with speakers of Beyond Psychedelics 2016 - Dennis McKenna, Amanda Feilding, Rick Doblin and others.

BIO | OKO| Tickets: 78 | 3 EUR

28. 9. 2016 | 19:00 | Warm UP

Beyond Psychedelics conference warm-up lecture with Ingmar Gorman on MDMA assisted psychotherapy. More info coming soon.

Tickets: 134 Kč | 5 EUR

29. 9. 2016 | 9 – 20:00 | Holotropic Breathwork

Stanislav Grof and his wife developed this unique technique of self-exploration and healing in 1970’s, when they aimed to continue their therapeutic work with altered states of mind but without the use of psychedelics. Our workshop will be led by his trainees.

30. 9. – 2.1 0. 2016 | Beyond Psychedelics 2016
Global Forum

Beyond Psychedelics is the first global forum on psychedelics in the beautiful Prague in the Czech republic. More than 60 speakers from all over the world in 2 parallel sessions in 3 days.
We will gather to honour varieties of psychedelic use, enable to meet global society on multidisciplinary level, question the war and peace on drugs and discuss the future of psychedelics.

Stará čistírna odpadních vod v Praze 6 – Bubenči
Tickets: 5 371 Kč | 198 EUR

3. 10. 2016 | Future of Psychedelics Public forum on various perspectives of the future of psychedelics with key speakers of Beyond Psychedelics konference, including: Rick Doblin, Roland Griffiths, Amanda Feilding, Dennis McKenna and more.Tickets:
Interested | 234 Kč | 9 EUR
Supporter | 390 Kč | 15 EUR
Place and time will be specified.